5 days sailing boat trip

5 days sailing vacations in Halkidiki

1st day boat trip

Our 5 days sailing boat trip Halkidiki will starts at 11 o clock. It is advisable to have your provisions ready, so we will be ready to sail. First stop will be at Kelyfos Island, which is famous for its rocky cliffs and crystal clear waters. There you can swim, fish, or snorkel since we will have plenty of time and it’s a unique experience. Near noon we will sail heading to Glarogavos and Chrousso bays. There you can enjoy your drink or coffee in the boat or at the nearest beach bars that are popular to young people. At night we will moor at The marina of Miraggio Thermal Spa resort, where you can visit the hotel and its shops, coffees and restaurants.

2st day boat trip

On the second day, we will sail east to the edge of the second leg of Halkidiki. On our way there, we will make a stop for swimming before we arrive at the famous beach of Kalamitsi, which is one of the best beaches on South-East of Sithonia. The waters are blue and clean and the whole beach is quite big. There you have the option to eat at restaurants or visit the beach bars. Or you can just swim a lot since the waters are crystal clear and hot. At night we will moor at Sykia which is one of the biggest villages in Sithonia and it’s known for its long swallow beach.

3rd day boat trip

On the next day we will sail north and our first stop will be in Sarti. Sarti is a coastal resort and it has a magnificent view of Mount Athos. In Sarti you can enjoy water sports like diving, surfing, kajak and water ski. In a short miles from Sarti there is some of the most popular beach among tourists, such as Platanitsi beach and the beach Kavourotripes. They are both exotic beaches with pine trees that reach to the sea. At noon we will arrive at Ormos Panagia where we will stay for the night.

4th day boat trip

We will start our journey early in the morning, so we can enjoy much of Diaporos Island. Diaporos is an island opposite Vourvourou that is known for its nature beauty, pines that reach the waves and virgin isolated small bays. We will also visit Galazia Nera, a place of unique beauty. Before noon we will sail back south and then north so we can reach Porto Coufo. Porto Coufo is the largest natural harbor in Greece (in depth). We will stay for the night and you can visit beautiful tavernas and cafes.

5th day boat trip

On our last day of our journey, we will sail north across Sithonia’s west coast. We will make a stop at Tristinica and its famous beach bar Ethnic. There you can relax and enjoy your coffee or drink. After we will visit Lemos, a bottle –neck like place which is unique in the area, cause is one small piece of land that connect coast with a small island. On noon we will visit Spalathronisia and we will stop at a small bay with a beautiful taverna by the sea and under the pines trees. Or you can just swim or enjoy your lunch on the boat. Before the sunset we will visit Porto Carras small bays which are isolated and only accessible by the sea. There, the waters are blue, green and crystal clear. We will enjoy the sunset and then back to Neos Marmaras to finish our journey.

For more than 8 persons, there is an option to book additional sailing boats.