2 days sailing boat trip

2 days sailing boat trip from Neos Marmaras *

1st day boat trip

Our 3 days sailing boat trip start at 11 o’ clock from Marmaras port. Make sure that you already have your provisions ready. We will sail to the famous beaches of Spathies, Kalogria and Agios Ioannis . Especially Kalogria beach is well-known for its beach bars and its beautiful and calm waters. We will make a stop for a swim and snorkeling or you can visit the beach bars and stay there. At afternoon we will go back to Neos Marmaras where we will spend the night. Neos Maramaras is very famous for its night life since there are many shops, bars and tavernas, for every taste.

2nd day boat trip

On the second day we leave Neos Marmaras and we sail to Kelyfos Island. Kelyfos is a small turtle-like island in the center of Toroneos Gulf which is isolated and can only be visited by a boat. There the scenery is breathtaking with rocky cliffs and crystal clear water. Swimming at Kelyfos ia a unique experience! Then we will visit Pefkohori and Chrosso where there are also many beach bars where you can enjoy your drink. Before night, we sail to Porto Coufos where we will stay for the night. Porto Coufos is a unique natural port and it is safe no matter the weather conditions. There are also many tavernas and cafes where you can have a dinner or a drink.

3rd day boat trip

On our last day we will sail North to visit Tristinica bay where is the famous beach bar called Ethnic. We can make a stop to visit the bar or we can sail to Lemos which is a special bottle-like place. In reality there are two small beaches and because it is quite difficult to approach it by land, it is very isolated. Then we continue north to Spalathronisia where there is a beautiful taverna by the sea and under the pine trees. There you also swim or we can make a stop for your lunch since there is a small dock. At noon we will visit Portos Carras small bays that are accessible only by the sea. The scenery is magic, the waters are blue and green and you will love to swim for hours. After the sunset we will go back to our base to Neos Marmaras.

* Destinations are suggested by the captains and may vary due to weather conditions or the preference of the costumers.


3 days sailing boat trip from Palouri Miraggio resort*

1st day boat trip

Our start at 11 o’ clock from The marina of Miraggio Thermal Spa resort. Pick up place can also be from Chrousso at Paliouri Bay. First stop will be at a beautiful beach near Paliouri and then we open sails East, heading to Tristinica bay, where there is a nice beach bar called Ethnic. You can stay on the boat to enjoy your coffee or your light snack or you can visit the beach bar where you can eat or drink whatever you prefer. On afternoon we leave Trsistinica and we sail to Porto Coufos, with a short stop to Toroni bay which is quite with crystal clear waters. In Porto Coufos, which is a natural safe port, we will stay for the night. There you can find many tavernas where you can have your meal.

2nd day boat trip

We start after you take your breakfast on the boat or on Porto Coufo cafes and we start our journey with final stop to Neos Marmaras. Sailing to the North, we will make a stop to Lemos, a unique place with a thin piece of sand that separates land from a small island. Then, we will sail to Spalathronisia which are small wild islands across Sithonia. There you have the option to have your lunch to a beautiful taverna under the pine trees and by the sea. To our way to Neos Marmaras we will make a stop to Portos Carras small bays that are only accessible by the sea. At those bays you will be impressed by the magic scenery and the sea colors. The sunset view there is a unique experience that you will never forget. After the sunset, we sail to Neos Marmaras where we will stay for the night. At Neos Marmaras you can enjoy the night life because it has a big variety of shops, bars, coffees, clubs, tavernas, tratorias etc.

3rd day boat trip

On our last day we will sail west to visit the famous beaches of Spathies , Kalogria and Ayios Ioannis. Usually these beaches are overcrowded but you don’t have to worry. Since you are on the sailing boat, you stay isolated and calm! We can make a stop on every beach you prefer and on the noon we will go to Kelyfos, a small island that is in the center of Toroneos Gulf with breathtaking rocks and hills. We will make a stop for swimming and then we sail back to our base at Mirragio or Chrousso.

*Destinations are suggested by the captains and may vary due to weather conditions or the preference of the costumers.



May, October: 1.160 € (up to 6 people) *

June – September: 1.350 € (up to 6 people) *

Duration: 2 days

Start Point: Marina Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort (or Neos Marmaras Port)



Sailing tips

Sailing tips

Sailing Tips for an organized cruise

The cruises starts at 11.00 o’ clock and ends at 18.00. Also we have 4 hours sailing boat trip who starts only from Miraggio Thermal Spa Marina.

Different times can be arranged upon request.

In order to book a sailing trip, a deposit of 50% must be made at least 1 day before trip date. It is advisable to book early to avoid disappointment, especially in summer months.
Prices include the captain, fuel and Vat.

In every boat we serve coffee, tea and water. In case you desire something special, for example a birthday cake or wine, please let us know so we can arrange it for you. Sheets are provided only to up to 1 day trips and there is an extra cost of 20€.

Sailing trips are subject to weather conditions. If the captain believes that weather and wind conditions are not good, he can rearrange the location of your trip.

Best sailing tips are to bring with you the following list :

  • Swimsuits (at least 2),
  • Sunglasses,
  • Bath towels,
  • Suntan,
  • Hat,
  • Rain or wind coat,
  • Non-slip, non-marking, closed toe shoes.

All sailing boats has a big refrigerator so you can bring food or drinks of your taste. It is advisable to carry light food or snacks since you’ll have the option to make a stop at a tavern by the sea for your lunch.
Every boat is equiped with all the necessary means to pass a relaxed day by the sea.

Please do not hesitate to contact with us for any questions.

Last but not least, bring your good mood and your smile with you and relax! A day sailing trip will be a journey you will always keep in mind, an unforgettable memory full of happiness. A day or more with a sailing bota should be the highlight of your vacations!

Spiritual Boat

Spiritual Boat

Spiritual Boat – Open sails, open mind

W e are very  happy to invite you to an unforgettable meditation cruise with spiritual boat. Spiritual boat  is based in Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort Marina which is an ideal place to relax and continue your day after your sailing trip. Spiritual boat is a Bavaria 40 sailing yacht.

Spiritual boat is in excellent condition, very clean and organized. Moreover it has 3 double cabins, 2 WC (1 private in the front cabin and one shared), 2 internal showers and 1 external. Also there is  a spacious living room, with fully equipped kitchen and big refrigerator. The boat will cover all your needs andwill  provide all comforts.

Spiritual boat captain

Spiritual captain is well educated with a master degree in Sociology and he is  very fluent in English, very pleasant and he is what we call “a really interesting guy”.

Captain will offer you a unique experience visiting  the best places to  explore, to relax and feel free from worries and problems.  Spiritual boat cruises are highly recommended if you want to avoid overcrowded places and busy beaches with loud music.

Join us on a sailing experience retreat and   meditation with a live-aboard sailing vacation.  Experience the exceptional platform that life aboard offers for escape, reflection and adventure – enhanced by relaxed practice and meditation. Sail with spiritual boat and let your worries and problems away!

Open your sails with spiritual boat and set bow to an unforgettable and relaxed experience…

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Music Boat

Music boat

Music Boat is one of the best sailing boat of our fleet and music sailing is designed for people who loves to sail and also hear good and quality music. Open the sails and let the music travel you with Music Boat. You can choose from a big range of music, from relaxing music to party music.

Music sailing is offered with a Beneteau Oceanis 39.3 sailing boat. Music boat is in excellent condition, very clean and has 3 cabins, 2 WC and 2 indoor and 1 outdoor showers. It also has a big kitchen with refrigerator and internal living room.

The boat is also equipped with a power generator, so the boat has electricity power of 220Volt, anywhere, anytime.

Music boat captain

Music captain is 45 years old and he studied Economics. His family comes from Lesvos Island and some of its member were also captains. He served in the special Greek Navy force, he is a diving instructor and he loves music as long as he can remember himself. His playing list contains a huge variety of song of any taste. From jazz, blues and rock to Greek traditional music. He is able to make your mood according to your music preference. In addition, his family produces local wines that you will be able to taste on board. He is very socialized and has very pleasant personality. He is English fluent and speaks a little German.

Music Boat should be your choice if you are a person that likes to sail and listen to quality music too!!!

Without music, life would be a mistake. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

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Fishing Boat

Fishing Boat is your First choice if you are person who likes to sail and fish at the same time in Halkidiki.

Fishing boat is a Jenneau Sun Odyssey 36.2 sailing boat. Its has with 3 cabins, 1 WC and 1 indoor and 1 external shower. It also has a nice living room and a kitchen with a big refrigerator.

Fishing Captain is very fluent in English. He comes from the island of Lefkada, that he visits in winter and he studied in Polytechnics. Fishing captain is also web expert and he likes to design web pages at his free time. He is very smart, with a good sense of humor.

He can easily interact with people all around the world discussing about everything. But most of all, he is an excellent fisherman and that’s why his boat is equipped with any kind of fishing pole. He is an expert in fishing trolling and catching any kind of tuna is his big asset.

He can take you to the best place to catch fishes and he can advice you on what bait to use. Depending on the time of season, he can advice you on what baits to use in order to catch fishes.

If you like a day or more in the sea, relaxing and fishing, choose fishing boat and fishing captain to be your guide.


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