Open sails with the Halkidiki Sailing’s  sailboat in Sporades, we arrive at Alonnisos. Alonnisos is one of the most interesting islands in Sporades!
Sailing vacations in Alonnisos, an island where you become one with nature!

Old town (Hora) of Alonnisos

The Hora of Alonnisos is built amphitheatrically on the hill above the harbor. The sea view is amazing and you can admire the vastness of the Aegean Sea and the incredible palette of colors it reflects as the sun moves and sets.

The unique landscape is breathtaking. Visitors will be mesmerized from wandering the narrow cobbled streets, the picturesque courtyards and the flowering specimens of medieval architecture.

Watching the deep blue sea you can enjoy a glass of excellent local wine. There are also many Byzantine churches, stone threshing and castle ruins that testify the past of the Old Town.

Alonnisos beaches

Alonnisos is an ideal destination for sailing holidays in Sporades. Turquoise shades, organized or isolated beaches and places suitable for relaxation, exploration and photography.

Some of them are Milia, Chrisi Milia, Ayios Dimitrios, Kokkinokastro, Megalos Mourtias.

Which are the best?

The beach of Glyfa is suitable for relaxation and water sports, full of shells and pebbles. Located just above the picturesque Stenivala, it has clear water, beautiful scenery and great food in the taverns located only few meters from the beach.
The Leftos Gialos is like a postcard beach. Enjoy the view of the desert islands, the Two Brothers. It is the most popular beach for young people because of the beach bars, where there is entertainment and cocktails are flowing until late night.
Gorgis Gialos has the most idyllic views Alonissos.
Kokinokastro is a beach with dozens of shades. Deep blue sea, yellow sand, colored stones and green pines.
Chrisi Milia is a golden choice. It is a popular beach, with options range for sea sports to underwater activities.
Milia is an ideal bay with turquoise waters, ideal for diving off the sailboat.
Spartines is an isolated seashore and has strong followers.


Naturally Alonnisos has countless other beaches, which are kept as a surprise for your trip when sailing with Halkidiki Sailing.
What most characterizes Alonnisos and makes it known worldwide, is the water park, which was established in 1992 to protect the endangered species of the Mediterranean seal Monachus-Monachus.

It concludes the surrounding sea of Alonissos and all desert islands that surround it, such as Piperi, Jura, Skantzoura, Peristera and Kyra Panagia.Go sailing holidays in Sporades and swimm in all that crystal waters!!
Surrounding islands of Alonissos

The islands surrounding Alonissos is just a heaven for wildlife. Alonissos deserted islands is a real revelation. Their bottom host many rare species of coral, fish, dolphins and whales.

Also in the region we find eight medieval and ancient shipwrecks and more than 25 modern, in a relatively shallow depth. It is a real paradise for divers.Only when you go for sailing holidays in Sporades with the experts,Halkidiki Sailing,see all that beauty!!!


Peristera, is named by its shape which resembles the back of the pigeon. In the south there is a sheltered natural harbor of extraordinary beauty. It is recommended for overnight stay as it is very safe. In Pieristera we meet the largest in the world Byzantine shipwreck (12th century). The wreck was revealed by local sponge harvesters.

Dio Adelfi

Dio Adelfi (Two Brothers) consist two islets highest peak of 178 meters. Their bottom is ideal for diving.
Skantzoura it is believed that is the ancient island of Skandira because of the findings that belong to the Hellenistic era. In Spantzoura is also impressive the abandoned monastery of the Virgin. Also on the island there are three leeward bays ideal for night mooring.


Yura has imposing cliffs. The wild beauty is at its peak. Here lives a very rare species of wild goat, the Carpahireus Aegagrus. Also recent archaeological investigations have shown that the cave located on the island coincides with the cave of Polyphemus Cyclops.


Psathoura is a volcanic island and because of this, the scenery is stunning, almost breathtaking. Here is also the namesake lighthouse, which is 26m tall. Is one of the highest in Greece. Preserved ruins of an ancient city are submerged from a short distance from the port. The traces of houses and roads are easily distinguished even today.


Piperi is rocky and very impressive and is the core of the marine park. Here there are many underwater caves and small beaches which form a natural shelter for the Mediterranean monk seal Monachus-Monachus and is an ideal place for their survival. Approaching to the island is prohibited to less than 3 miles.

Kyra Panagia

Kyra Panagia is an island full of wild olive trees, arbutus, holly, heather, with little arable land and many water sources. On the southeast side of the island, perched on the cliffs, is the monastery of Panagia (Holy Mary). The monastery was built in It is built to a point of showing the vastness of the Aegean. The monastery is lived by a monk and can be visited.

The sheltered harbors of the Planitis (north) and Ayios Petros (south) are major attractions for sailors and fishermen.
Planitis is considered to be the largest natural harbors in the Mediterranean. Excellent anchorage, protected from all weathers. No matter how the wind strong is, inside the natural harbor is always peaceful. At night, the atmosphere is unreal beautiful. The sandy bottom reflects all the brilliance of the sky and the sense of being on another planet, looks real.

Kyra Panagia is the ancient Alonissos, with the main city built on Planiti bay. Currently known shipwrecks, the fertile soil, the two castles, the traces of the ancient city, match with the descriptions of the ancient Alonissos. The island was inhabited from the Neolithic period (6000-5000 BC) until the Classical period. Historically known is the conflict in between Athenians and King Philippos II of Macedonia for domination of the island.

Sailing holidays in Sporades is the only way to enjoy these paradise!!!