Halkidiki by a sailing yacht

Halkidiki (Chalkidiki)

Shaped like Poseidon’s trident and sticking out into the Aegean Sea, Halkidiki is a treat for visitors.

Lush green forests that reach right down to the beach. Golden sunlight reflected in the turquoise waters. A traditional style with a rich gastronomic and cultural heritage. A unique destination. An intoxicating combination of blue and green.

Endless coves, unique architectural sites, perfectly preserved Christian monument and a host of unexplored treasures all add their own rich touch to the unique canvas that is Halkidiki.

That’s why Halkidiki Sailing gives you a unique experience. Get to know all these earthly paradises from the sea!

Why Halkidiki?

Chalkidiki is a destination with crystal clear exotic beaches, peace and revelry. Welcoming villages with fantastic food. Endless pine forests intertwined between vines and mountains with endless trails.
This is why the phrase “There is nothing like Halkidiki” has become established and is discussed both seriously and jokingly, since it is a blessed place. A destination for families, singles and couples where everyone will find what their heart desires! From water sports enthusiasts, to those looking for good food, as well as families looking to relax and unwind.

The region is one of the most beautiful vacation destinations in Greece. Most have experienced its beauty from land, but it’s a completely different experience to discover Halkidiki by sailing yacht. Make a reservation now for a Halkidiki Day Sailing Cruise.

Halkidiki Sailing can also arrange one-day, two-day and multi-days Cruises. Sailing in that region, is an enjoyable even for early sailors, but also for people without any experience in sea. Cause winds are mild and sea routes quite close to the bay so there is an advantage to sail costa-costa.

Skippers with years of experience will ensure that your vacation is pleasurable, safe, and free of unpleasant surprises. Will lead you to all of the area’s minor and huge mysteries.

A couple or a single in Halkidiki

Whatever type of beach you desire, you will find it here.
Chalkidiki is the first Blue Flag destination and has over 1,000 beaches.
Isolated, organized, but also full of people and intense nightlife with explosive beach bars. It is very likely that you will come across a party, where loyal fans of the sun, sand & music trinity enjoy shots and colorful cocktails. Underneath the sounds of musical selections that excite even the most “difficult” patron.

Where will you find them? In their most secular version from Afitos to Hanioti and all over Sithonia, while the more touristic ones are those that stretch from Pefkohori to Chrousso. If you want something more “relaxed”. Head to the chic and lounges of Sani, Chelona and Akti Kalogria and you too will find that Halkidiki is rightfully “The Queen of The Beach”.

If you belong to the group that loves water sports, Kassandra as well as Sithonia is the ideal place. Diving, sailing, windsurfing, rowing, surfing and even kayaking are some of the things you can choose from. You can rent a sailing boat from Halkidiki Sailing. Explore: In Sithonia, Akti Kalogria, Spathies, Ai Giannis, Agia Kyriaki, “Limanaki” beach (blue lagoon), Spalathronisia, Azapiko or Porto Koufo.
In Kassandra, Chrousos, Glarokavos, Pefkohori or Kanistro. There you will swim in deserted shores, which are not accessible by road and you will discover your own private beach!

Family vacation

One of the main reasons that most families choose to vacation in Halkidiki, is the shallow and warm waters with low winds. Here you will find whatever beach you are looking for: with golden sand, with pebbles, organized or not, with shells or next to pine forests.
Don’t miss to also visit the Aristotle Park and the Ancient Stagira. Aristotle Park offers activities aimed at introducing you to various natural phenomena and the possibilities of their recruitment. As they were first observed and recorded by the first scientist in the world, Aristotle. Children – and why not parents too – can “play” with the various interactive instruments, such as the compass, telescopes, prism, sundial, flashlight, pentaphone and even the alarm clock.


But beyond the unique beaches and endless activities, Halkidiki is famous for its fresh seafood and fish, such as mussels, but also for its honey (did you know that Halkidiki produces around 40% of the total honey production in Greece?) but also its famous olives. Not to forget, of course, the monastic cuisine, which so many famous chefs have adopted in their kitchens and which the monks of Mount Athos have perfected.

An excellent idea is also a stop at Loutra Agia Paraskevi, where there is a state-of-the-art spa famous for its rare healing properties. There you can enjoy the peace and relaxation and let your gaze travel from Olympus, Kissavos, Pelion to the Sporades and Evia.

If you are a wine lover, you are in the right place. Because it may be famous for its beaches and wonderful nature, but its routes also lead to wonderful vineyards and wineries that create some of the best Greek wines. If you have time available and wine is your passion, the alternative of wine tourism is the ideal choice. Tour the endless vineyards and taste excellent wines. Don’t miss a winery tour in Agios Pavlos, Sithonia, Arnaia or Marathousa and learn more about their history while tasting some of the best wines in Greece.


Each peninsula has its own history in ancient Greek mythology. In Kassandra it is believed that the earthquake giant Enceladus was buried. Sithonia owns its name to Sithonas, the son of Poseidon and Athos got its name from the rock that flew against Olympians Gods the namesake giant.

Only the first two legs of Halkidiki can be visited by everyone from the land. Find also places to stay in Kassandra.

To Athos only male can enter and those under special license.