Skopelos Island – The perfect combination of green and blue.

Would you like your sailing vacation includes swimming in turquoise beaches and total relaxation? Then Skopelos is the ideal island for you. The green island of the Sporades that maintains its authentic beauty and has its own rhythms that make it particularly attractive.
Skopelos is the greenest island in Greece. Most of the area of the island (more than 69%) is covered by virgin pine forest. The green of the pines blends with the endless blue of the sea and the sky, creating an image of unparalleled natural beauty.
On 7/5/97 it was officially declared a green and blue island by the international organization Biopolitics.
Although made world famous by the movie “Mamma Mia”, Skopelos has managed to keep its charm and authenticity low-key. It is an island that can offer you the most relaxed, romantic and full of amazing landscapes and crystal clear seas holidays.

The town of Skopelos has also been designated by presidential decree since 1978 as a traditional settlement. The architecture of Skopelos is a mixture of various architectural rhythms. That gives a stately look to the island’s capital.
Sailing holidays in Skopelos, A life-time vacation!


A sailing yacht is the perfect way of getting know the beaches and the beauty of the island of Skopelos. We can moor in Stafilos with the stunning turquoise waters and rocks that spring out of the sea, like natural handmade sculptures.


Then we can go to the Agnontas harbor with picturesque taverns by the sea or swim at one of the fabulous coves that are located in the surrounding area, which only with a sailboat you can enjoy.


Then we can drop an anchor in Panormos with its natural harbor, which was an old pirate refuge and get ropes from the trees that reach the sea!!!

In Panormos there are excellent restaurants and an organized large beach or other smaller, more isolated. It is perhaps one of the most unique places in Sporades to enjoy the most beautiful sunsets!!!

Also amazing is the sunset in Loutraki (Glossa), the port on the NW side of the island.

Milia and surroundings

Certainly drop an anchor in Milia, which has long white sand and dreamy turquoise waters. The area between Milia and Glossa is full of small bays and small beaches, with waters of all shades of blue and green, which are accessible only from the sea. Lonely coves with white rocks.

Pine trees mirrored in the calm waters and incredibly rich, clear bottom, is another feature of beauty that the nature of this island can offer you!!!

Those and more you can experience only when you have sailing holidays in Sporades!!!