Sailing holidays in Sporades

Explore the Sporades, in the northwest Aegean! Dense vegetation; rocky landscapes, and pure blue seas!

A very unique and alternative destination. Follow Halkidiki Sailing Team for sailing holidays in Sporades islands, and have a life-time vacations!

What islands are called Sporades?

Sporades are in the north Aegean, south and east of Halkidiki and east of Pelion and consists of the following islands:

And about 20 smaller islands and islets.

The cluster of islands is about 40 nm from mainland.

Why should I choose  Sporades for sailing holidays?

Meltemi (northeast wind), however winds are normally light, reaching 3-5 Beaufort. This means that the weather is ideal for sailing trips.
All of the islands have well-organized, secure ports that provide great services (water, electricity, easy access to settlements, etc.).
It has a lot of safe nooks and nautical shelters where you may spend the night.

Villages are beautiful, each with its unique architecture and customs. The profusion of gorgeous beaches is one of the Sporades’ finest qualities. Beaches for all tastes: isolated, small, large, organised, fine sand and pebbles.

The food is another big advantage. Delicious sweetsfresh fish, and a range of regional delicacies are available. There are also some of the most upscale restaurants in the area.

There is a nightlife for everyone, including quiet pubs, picturesque cafés, parties, and high-end shopping. Beautiful nature images with lush vegetation, untamed landscapes, lakes in varying shades of blue and green, and panoramas that seem like masterpieces!!! So, sailing vacations in the Sporades are really unique!!


Skiathos, the cosmopolitan island.

Discover the hidden treasures of Skiathos by following its walking trails. Follow in the footsteps of famous authors like Alexander Papadiamantis, who wandered through olive fields and deep woodlands in the Greek countryside.

The Koukounariés Forest and Lake Strofilia are a must-see for those who like the great outdoors (Length 4.2 km). Take a leisurely stroll around Kanapitsa Peninsula (4,9 kilometres) instead!

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Green and blue go along well here.

All of these elements contribute to the picture of this, Greece’s greenest island with more than half its area covered in virgin pine forest.

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In harmony with the surroundings, I feel at peace. One of the Sporades’ most intriguing islands is Alonissos.

Patitiri, the island’s beautiful harbour, is brimming with restaurants, boutiques, and all the conveniences you’ll need after a long day of sailing. What is the command?

The Alonissos Chora is located three kilometres from Patitiri and overlooks the harbour. At different times of day, you’ll be able to see the Aegean’s majesty and a wide range of colours. You’re reminded of the area’s special natural beauty by the awe-inspiring surroundings.

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Although Skyros (or Skiros) is one of the less-known Sporades islands, its beauty is undeniable. Skyros is one of those lesser-known Greek islands with a unique history and culture that deserves more attention from travellers from across the world.

As Skyros’ main town, Chora, is one of the island’s most beautiful settlements. The Aegean Sea is visible from the summit of the hill where the villa is located.

Check out the Medieval Castle set on a hill above Chora while strolling through the city’s cobblestone streets and drinking a cup of coffee at a local cafe. For a peaceful holiday, Skyros is the perfect Greek island!