Fishing Boat

Fishing Boat is your First choice if you are person who likes to sail and fish at the same time in Halkidiki.

Fishing boat is a Jenneau Sun Odyssey 36.2 sailing boat. Its has with 3 cabins, 1 WC and 1 indoor and 1 external shower. It also has a nice living room and a kitchen with a big refrigerator.

Fishing Captain is very fluent in English. He comes from the island of Lefkada, that he visits in winter and he studied in Polytechnics. Fishing captain is also web expert and he likes to design web pages at his free time. He is very smart, with a good sense of humor.

He can easily interact with people all around the world discussing about everything. But most of all, he is an excellent fisherman and that’s why his boat is equipped with any kind of fishing pole. He is an expert in fishing trolling and catching any kind of tuna is his big asset.

He can take you to the best place to catch fishes and he can advice you on what bait to use. Depending on the time of season, he can advice you on what baits to use in order to catch fishes.

If you like a day or more in the sea, relaxing and fishing, choose fishing boat and fishing captain to be your guide.


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