Ideal Time & Weather for Sailing in North Aegean

Ideal Time & Weather for Sailing in North Aegean

Best weather conditions for sailing

Aside of June and September, spring and fall are the best seasons for premium sailing. Meltemi, a cool wind that blows from the northeast of Greece, is the most favorable then.

Since the temperatures are moderate, the intensity of meltemi is less likely to increase. Hence, you can count on the sea to remain calm during these periods. But, prepare for the possible rain.

The water around North Greece cools slowly after the summer. Thus, you may be able to swim even after September.

After all, the best conditions for smooth sailing are the following:

-Warm weather.

– Calm sea.

-A 12 knot wind blowing at 90 degrees to your intended direction.


Halkidiki Sailing Yachting experience

As one of the leading sailing providers, Halkidiki Sailing Yachting offers you a great time and smooth sail in Sporades islands and Halkidiki. With us, you will experience an unforgettable sailing regardless of the season.

Greece is a great holiday destination in for many reasons. It has long summers, pleasant climate and many activities that you can enjoy by the seaside. Sailing is one of them.

So, if you prefer the adventure over staying on a beach, sailing will fulfill your wishes.

Which is the best time for sailing?

It rather depends on your personal preferences. If you can’t imagine sailing without swimming, the best time for sailing around Greece is in July and August. Additionally, you are most likely to avoid raining if you sail during the high season.

But, if you can do without swimming in the sea, the shoulder seasons are the best for sailing.

That being said, sailing is the most pleasant in Greece from the middle of June to the middle of July and in September. During these periods, the weather is warm and the sun is soft. Thus, the weather is ideal for tanning without the use of the sunscreen (depending on skin type). More so, the sea is the warmest in September. That is because it had the entire summer to warm itself up.