Charter a Sailing Boat with skipper from Halkidiki Sailing 

In case you Charter a Sailing Boat, with Skipper from Halkidiki Sailing, many difficulties, responsibilities and mistakes are avoid. The trip becomes more comfortable and carefree, due to the experience and knowledge of our company’s Skippers.

Our clients often face time constraints and challenges in acquiring supplies for their sailing excursions. At Halkidiki Sailing, we’ve got it covered.

Simply inform us of your needs, and we’ll procure the necessary products for you. This ensures that when you step onto a sailing vessel, you’re ready to raise the sails and embark on your journey promptly.

This approach offers advantages in terms of time, space, and cost:

  1. Expertly Curated Supplies: Leveraging our sailing trip expertise, we provide a meticulously curated list of the best supplies.
  2. Cost-Efficient Procurement: Knowing where to source materials at the most economical prices, we ensure you get value for your money.
  3. Optimized Onboard Storage: We furnish a specific list of items that can be easily stowed in designated areas on board. No need to stock up for the entire journey from the outset, as all the ports along our route have everything you might require.

This method grants you peace of mind, knowing that a significant part of your vacation preparations has been taken care of. You can embark on your sailing adventure with confidence and enjoy a carefree, safe, and well-organized holiday.

Any items purchased through us at the request of a client are verified by presenting the relevant receipt upon their arrival.

Experience a worry-free and seamlessly organized sailing holiday with Halkidiki Sailing!

Learn more about charter a sailing yacht in Greece

  • To Charter a Sailing Boat, without skipper (bare boat charter)                          you need two offshore sailing diplomas.       
  • For the agreement of charter  the boat, a deposit of 50% of the agreed fare is needed.
  • The amount of the fare is always paid a week before the start of the journey (before departure).

    The charterer, besides the agreed fare, is obliged to pay a fee for guarantee, which is returned after the end of the fare, only if the vessel has no damage.

    The charterer is responsible for property damage only up to the amount of the guarantee. Any damage, over the amount of security, is covered by the insurance company.

    All criminal liabilities from accidents occupants of the rented vessel are concerning the captain of the vessel and only him.

    If the charterer fails, for any reason (other than damage to the vessel for which he is not responsible), to return the vessel to the agreed port, at the agreed time. He will pay the transport costs plus 50% of the freight for the additional time required to transport the yacht.

    What a charter of vessel must be aware of

    During the acceptance of the vessel by the Halkidiki Sailing:

    • The vessel is in good working condition with no damage at the hull, deck and sails. The engine and all other equipment are working without any problems, oil and water tanks are full. To be aware of the exact position of any safety equipment.

    • To complete and sign along with Halkidiki Sailing & Sporades Islands, the Inventory List. To mention to the list any damage or malfunction that may be noticed in the vessel or its equipment. By this way, the charterer will know the exact equipment of vessel.

    • Each vessel which returns from fare is inspected by a diver to the hulls

    During the journey:

    • Do not travel with wind more than 6 Beaufort. One is not familiar with the vessel and it is prohibited by charter signatory.

    • Always looking to maps to avoid shallow. The electronics board can be wrong.

    • Regularly check the level of oil and the temperature of engine.

    • Do not reach the limits of the rigging and sails.

    • To plan the trip, so 48 hours before the end of the fare, not to be far away more than 40 nm from the return port. (Condition also contained in charter signatory).

    In the ports:

    • Do not leave the boat for several hours intendant. More losses are made during the absence of charterer.

    • To fill tanks with water and oil when there are available, being careful not to put water in oil tank and vice versa. Ensure that the quality of oil that is free of water.

    • To work at least three hours per day the engine to charge the vessel batteries.

    When returning the boat in Halkidiki Sailing & Sporades Islands

    • Be sure to fill the tanks of the vessel with water and oil. Vessels are received with full tanks and returned with full tanks.

    • Vessel equipment is in its original place.

    • To do, in coordination with Halkidiki Sailing & Sporades Islands representative, the  final inspection and to report any damages and malfunctions of the vessel.

    • To pay damages and to accept the guarantee given.