Sailing holidays to Mama Μia islands

Mama Mia islands

At September 2007 at Skopelos and Skiathos was filmed the famous Mamma Mia. A musical film starring Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried, Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth. It has a great interest to see the places where the movie was filmed.

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The places where the musical was filmed are indeed unique.

Mamma Mia – Skopelos

The impressive Kastani beach on the west coast of Skopelos was the Donna beach. There the stunning scenes on the sand occurred, as well as the beach bar and the pier which erected the group of stage designers.

To the south of Agnontas, in Amarandos, there is a path that branches off into the forest and leads to several secluded creeks. One of them was called Three Trees from the team of Mamma Mia! It is the location for the picnic scene as well as the filming of ‘The Path to Villa Donna’.

North of Skopelos, about 15 minutes from the town, Glysteri is located. A small rocky peninsula of unique beauty, which leads downhill to a pebble beach. Here they were filmed six scenes, including “The Steps to Villa Donna”.

At the chapel of St. John, which is located on a cliff 100 meters, is surrounded by the sea. In this idyllic setting, the wedding convoy arrives while Donna with Sam are singing the breath-taking “The Winner Takes it All”.

Filming took place in Skopelos (Capital) and in other locations. Such as Milia, Agnontas and wonderful Amarantos. It worths visiting point especially before sunset or during the day. 

Mamma Mia – Skiathos

The film begins with Amanda Seyfried in a boat approaching the Old Port of Skiathos. A few seconds later, the scene moves down at the steeple of St. Nicholas, with its unique view of the old port, the sea and the island of Tsougrias.

Immediately after is the following scene of the old port, with two taxis running and three male actors appear for the first time in the film. Finally, in another scene we see Meryl Streep to ride an old jeep, accompanied by her two girlfriends.

This area is located in the northwestern part of Skiathos. Ιn the mountainous part of the island above from Agia Eleni, heading to Mandraki beach.

Photo Credits: Vangelis Photography