Music Boat

Music Boat is one of the best sailing boat of our fleet and music sailing is designed for people who loves to sail and also hear good and quality music. Open the sails and let the music travel you with Music Boat. You can choose from a big range of music, from relaxing music to party music.

Music sailing is offered with a Beneteau Oceanis 39.3 sailing boat. Music boat is in excellent condition, very clean and has 3 cabins, 2 WC and 2 indoor and 1 outdoor showers. It also has a big kitchen with refrigerator and internal living room.

The boat is also equipped with a power generator, so the boat has electricity power of 220Volt, anywhere, anytime.

Music boat captain

Music captain is 45 years old and he studied Economics. His family comes from Lesvos Island and some of its member were also captains. He served in the special Greek Navy force, he is a diving instructor and he loves music as long as he can remember himself. His playing list contains a huge variety of song of any taste. From jazz, blues and rock to Greek traditional music. He is able to make your mood according to your music preference. In addition, his family produces local wines that you will be able to taste on board. He is very socialized and has very pleasant personality. He is English fluent and speaks a little German.

Music Boat should be your choice if you are a person that likes to sail and listen to quality music too!!!

Without music, life would be a mistake. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

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