5 days sailing vacations in Halkidiki

5 Days | From 2.540

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    Explore the Wonders of Halkidiki on a 5-Day Sailing Adventure!

    Welcome to the realm of unparalleled adventure and boundless exploration! At our helm, we invite you to embark on a voyage like no other, where the whisper of the wind guides you to the most enchanting corners of the world. Our sailing vacations are meticulously crafted to offer you an experience that transcends the ordinary—a seamless fusion of luxury, discovery, and pure exhilaration on the open waters. Join us as we unfurl the sails of possibility and set course for a journey that promises memories to last a lifetime.

    Embark on a journey to uncover both the renowned and hidden gems of Kassandra and Sithonia aboard a sailboat. Our meticulously crafted program ensures that, in just five days, you’ll witness the unparalleled beauty of Halkidiki.
    Sailing vacations in Halkidiki is a delightful experience, even for those without prior sea experience. The mild winds and close routes offer a seamless and enjoyable coast-to-coast sail.


    Below, we present the detailed schedule for your 5-day sailing escapade.

    Day 1

    Board the vessel, and the skipper will provide essential information about the trip, including details about provisions and airport transfers. At 11:00, set sail for a refreshing swim along the southwest coast of Sithonia. The bays of Porto Carras and the Toroni area offer uniquely beautiful landscapes. After indulging in the crystal-clear waters, navigate to the natural port of Porto Koufo for an overnight stay.

    Day 2

    Raise anchor early and head to the opposite side of Sithonia. Enjoy the sailing experience, marvel at the sea, and catch glimpses of the majestic Mount Athos. Stop at the enchanting islands of Diaporos for a rejuvenating swim until the afternoon. Continue to the port of Panagia Bay, where you’ll spend the night.

    Day 3

    Start your day early to explore the stunning beaches on the east side of Sithonia. Visit Dream Coast, Armenistis, Kavourotripes, Platanitsi, and Sarti. Finally, reach Sykia Bay for an overnight stay.

    Day 4

    Awaken to a delightful breakfast before setting sail for Akti Klimataria, Kriaritsi and Kalamitsi, where you can relish dips in the turquoise waters. Around noon, journey to Kassandra and reach our base, where you’ll moor for the night.

    Day 5

    Unfurl the sails early to make the most of your last day. Make stops for swimming at Porto Valitsa, Koursaros, and Xenia—the Gold Coast next to Glarokavos. Conclude your sailing adventure with a visit to Kelyfos Island for a final dive. Return to our base by 19:00.

    Experience the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation on this unforgettable sailing vacations, discovering the charms of Halkidiki.


    May, October: From 2.540 €, Skippered (Low Season)

    *The prices depend on the type of the boat and the period

    Duration: 5 days

    Start Point: Marina Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort (or Neos Marmaras Port)

    Our Bases


    Important Informations

    Price Includes

    • Captain
    • Port fees
    • Port costs (electricity & water)
    • Sheets and Towels
    • Cleaning costs
    • Sup & Snorkeling equipment

    Price Excludes

    • Fuel
    • Food & Drinks
    • Transfer to marina

    Useful Information

    * For more persons there is option available to additional vessels.
    * Τransfer to/from the airport can be arrange on request, please click for ore information about Airport Transfers
    * Regarding your supplies, can be done by Halkidiki Sailing Yachting, for details click here Supplies for the journey.

    Availability Request

      Please note that all form fields are mandatory and must be filled out in order to be processed. Thank you!