Thessaloniki Sailing Tour

3 Hours | From 250

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    Thessaloniki Sailing Tour

    The Thessaloniki Sailing Tour starts from Aretsos Marina in Kalamaria. There you will be welcomed by the Halkidiki Sailing Captain and crew. Once the necessary information is given on the functions of the safety means. We are ready for the unique experience in Thermaikos Bay to begin.

    Set sail on the excellent Sailing Tour of Thessaloniki. Immersing your gaze not only in the enchanting city of Thessaloniki, but also in its picturesque coastline.

    This Thessaloniki Sailing Tour offers a unique perspective of the city’s landmarks and the stunning shoreline, allowing you to experience the coastal beauty from the crystal-clear waters.

    As you set sail, the famous White Tower, the bustling Port, the elegant Makedonia Palace Hotel, the peaceful Foka Park, Aristotle Square and the entire panoramic seascape will unfold before your eyes. We designed this exclusive sailing experience to highlight Thessaloniki’s rich maritime and cultural heritage, offering you an unparalleled view of its iconic landmarks.

    Indulge in the luxury of our sailing boat, where the gentle breeze and rhythmic waves create a serene atmosphere. Cruise along the coastline, capturing the essence of Thessaloniki’s charm as you witness its landmarks from a unique vantage point. This sailing tour seamlessly combines the thrill of exploration with the comfort of luxury, ensuring an unforgettable journey.

    Explore Thessaloniki in style and immerse yourself in the allure of the Greek coastline with this exclusive sailing experience.


    1 Oct– 30 Mar: 250  € 

    Duration: 3 hours

    Start Point:  Marina Aretsou, Kalamaria

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    Important Informations

    Price Includes

    • Captain
    • Fuel
    • VAT
    • Port fees
    • Port costs (electricity & water)
    • Music System
    • Wifi
    • Washing Water
    • Mineral Water
    • Coffee

    Price Excludes

    • Food & Drinks
    • Transfer to marina


    • Bottle of Wine : 40€ or 20€
    • Fruit basket : 20€
    • Cheese & charcuterie platter: 30€ / 4 people
    • Greek salad : 20€ / 4 people
    • Champagne bottle : from 50€

    Useful Information

    * For more persons there is option available to additional vessels.
    * Τransfer to/from the airport can be arrange on request, please click for ore information about Airport Transfers.
    * Regarding your supplies, can be done by Halkidiki Sailing Yachting, for details click here Supplies for the journey.

    Availability Request

      Please note that all form fields are mandatory and must be filled out in order to be processed. Thank you!