Spiritual Boat

Spiritual Boat – Open sails, open mind

W e are very  happy to invite you to an unforgettable meditation cruise with spiritual boat. Spiritual boat  is based in Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort Marina which is an ideal place to relax and continue your day after your sailing trip. Spiritual boat is a Bavaria 40 sailing yacht.

Spiritual boat is in excellent condition, very clean and organized. Moreover it has 3 double cabins, 2 WC (1 private in the front cabin and one shared), 2 internal showers and 1 external. Also there is  a spacious living room, with fully equipped kitchen and big refrigerator. The boat will cover all your needs andwill  provide all comforts.

Spiritual boat captain

Spiritual captain is well educated with a master degree in Sociology and he is  very fluent in English, very pleasant and he is what we call “a really interesting guy”.

Captain will offer you a unique experience visiting  the best places to  explore, to relax and feel free from worries and problems.  Spiritual boat cruises are highly recommended if you want to avoid overcrowded places and busy beaches with loud music.

Join us on a sailing experience retreat and   meditation with a live-aboard sailing vacation.  Experience the exceptional platform that life aboard offers for escape, reflection and adventure – enhanced by relaxed practice and meditation. Sail with spiritual boat and let your worries and problems away!

Open your sails with spiritual boat and set bow to an unforgettable and relaxed experience…

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