About Us – Halkidiki Sailing

Here is the text  of About Us – Halkidiki Sailing, we will explain to you who we are and what we offer.

Halkidiki sailing is formed by a group of sailors, who are owners of some of the best sailing boats in Halkidiki.  They are all sea lovers and  they have great experience to every weather conditions.

Captains of Halkidiki sailing know the area of Halkidiki so perfectly well, that can take someone to the best places.

Each boat has its own characteristics and each captain has its own unique personality.

All the boats are owned and are never used as  bareboat. Halkidiki’s sailing boats  are in excellent condition and  well maintained. All sailing boats are equipped with all necessary safety measures, like lifejackets, fireworks, tender and life raft.

Every year, captains of halkidiki sailing welcome guests from all over the world and they offer daily a warm and friendly service with a touch of Greek tradition.
They support the local life and they believe in the magic of sea’s beauties.

They share with you what sea life of Halkidiki offers, from beautiful landscapes to various activities. Come and sail with the boats of halkidiki sailing  for unforgettable moments!