Why Spring is The Best Time to Sail

Why Spring is The Best Time to Sail

If you’re still new to sailing, one of the most important questions is when is the best time for a sailing trip? Well, for many reasons, spring is definitely the ideal season! Check out here why that is.

Any experienced sailor will tell you that it’s almost impossible to just set sail and set off into the sunset. It is crucial to know the best time to sail. And although it is possible to sail when the season isn’t right, you certainly do not want to find yourself out there in the middle of a big storm. Thus the correct timing will make your sailing experience a lot better, enjoyable, and safer.

While many variables should be considered when looking at the best time to sail, the most important thing is the weather or season. For example, many sailors prefer to sail during the summer when the weather is warm. Still, you want to avoid sailing during a stormy period. So, the best time to sail will depend on the weather patterns of your sailing destination and, of course, how safe you can cruise in that given weather condition.

The sailing season in Greece starts in late March and ends in November. The high sailing season is between June and September, with a high peak in July and August. But there are many reasons why sailing in springtime is a great if not better experience than in summertime.

Let’s see the main reasons:

Enjoy the islands in full bloom

In the spring, you will find flowers in abundance on lush green islands due to the spring rains of February and March. The Cyclades and Dodecanese will gradually become dry and barren during the tall ship charter season, so spring is the best time to see them in full bloom.

Reasonable prices

During the spring, cruises are cheaper than during the high season and the most expensive time to sail is in August. Therefore, you can enjoy a wonderful sailing experience in the Greek islands at affordable prices.

Less traffic

There are fewer cruises during the day. Thus, there will be enough space in ports and berths. In addition, even if it is not during the high season, most taverns and establishments are already open, which means that you can definitely find many things to do on the islands.

Reliable winds

Maistro offers steady, reliable winds in the Ionian. And in the Aegean, where there is still no meltemi.